2014 goal is La Marmotte (both Petra and I have signed up) - anyone else heading over to France for a 5K vertical day incl.  Col du Glandon, Col du Galibier, and Alpe d'Huez fun ride???


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Hey Keld,
I rode it last year and I'm hoping to go back this year and aim for the gold time. I came undone on Alpe D'Huez with inadequate gearing for me in that heat. 39*28 was nowhere near what I needed and it started to go poorly near the summit of the Galibier.
Thanfully, there is very little need for a big gear with only a 10k flat intro and 2 short valleys.
Will let you when I finalize plans, it would be awesome to have a BCC presence!


Wow.. thanks Joe, would love to hear some more of your experiences from last year - and even better if you do repeat this year.

Let's cross fingers we can soon start training outside... I'm NOT up for anything remotely close to bringing a bike out in this weather ;)

What an event!  You guys will do fine on your new bikes:-)

Yeah, gooooood selling job Dan... Petra LOOOOVES her new ride!!! ;)

There is an article on the current Cyclist magazine on the Maratona dles Dolomites sportive the following day in northern Italy.
I identified with the author's experience. Having ridden years(decades in my case)on a standard 53*38, he saw no need for anything like a compact.
It occurred to him that this would no longer be a race and that he would be grinding his gear on the climbs and might as well enjoy the scenery.

I would love to do Maratona, but wish to start with a Gold time at Marmotte.
The biggest tip is gearing. The second is to keep one eye closed before approaching the tunnels on the Galibier so that you can see a little inside.
There are 2 tunnels where I feared for my life. 1-2 km of near darkness after being in sunlight. The subsequent tunnels are short and you can see the exit. The entire descent is 40 continuous kilometers. Carbon wheels are not recommended for anyone but the fearless descenders. I had to force myself not to ride the brakes. I naturally wanted to often after some switchbacks.

I can't wait. I will let you know when I finalize plans,



Hey Joe, have your summer travel plans firmed up some? Could be fun with more BCC riders on La Marmotte!

See you tomorrow morning?



Hey Keld,
I'm booked into the Trophée Oisans which includes the Marmotte. I will firm up hotel and airfare soon.
Did not make today, but hope to be there tomorrow morning.



Hi Joe, I looked around the Marmotte and Look website for the 'trial and buy' bike rental options but can't find anything. Do you recall where you got the info, that would be perfect to avoid hauling my own bike across the Atlantic (I'll be in Denmark 2 weeks before that, so no desire to carry that around).

See you in the weekend!



It's called the Look unique ride program which you can google.
Here is a link from my iPhone.


It is the second link to select stage and pick la Marmotte.

It worked out great last year!!



Awesome, awesome ride in France this past weekend - La Marmotte is truly EPIC!!!!

I finished in 9:13... 34 min past the gold-time - but I made ALL the rookie mistakes one could even start to imagine;

  • I rode a bit too fast on Glandon (hey it's only the last 3 km to the top, I can push a bit harder... BIG MISTAKE ;)
  • I took WAAAAY too long breaks in the feeding-zones, I sat on a rock for 30 min near the top of Galibier along with a friend and felt soooooo sorry for myself (while eating cake and drinking coke ;)
  • I didn't catch any trains on the Galibier decent and rode alone into the wind to Bourg at snails pace to not kill my legs....
  • I ate too many gels and bars in the early hours of the race and suffered all the way up Galibier with stomach cramps - gotta eat more of the normal food they offer (bread, cake, ham, brie-cheese etc.)

NEXT TIME I'll surely make a few less of those mistakes, but then likely some other ones! ;)

PS: Thanks to Joe for the tip on the demo Look bike, awesome ride and great convenience to not have to haul our own bikes across the pond!

See ya back in TO soon, I'm flying home tomorrow!

La Marmotte 2014, Strava


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