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Mix in dampness (sweat, rain, humidity) and they're absolutely obscene.

Absolutely no.

and Eeeeeeew!
Am thinking any light tone provides the possibility for the kind of transparency that most of us would like to avoid both on ourselves and on those we're drafting.
Only in Europe. And only the ones with a zebra print. And your name is Mario Ciposomething...
Good ol' Cipo. Makes me think of this video, which I think has made the rounds here before...
I'll rock them, but they have to be double lined - like my Gio's.

Polyester does turn yellow over time.... I'd have to have a new pair every season, much like the pros:-)
I've worn them. Everyone behind me that day wishes I hadn't...
White shorts are fine with me. Then again, I am European.
I think that this is one of those instances where if you have to ask the question, you probably already know the answer. Same for white cross country ski suits (at least there is long underwear involved).
Seems like lots of folks are wondering the same thing. Yet somehow it doesn't seem like there are too many takers.
From the poll in Bicycle Magazine, July 2010.

White shorts - YEA or NAY?

Absolutely not: 83%
Yes, but only when the sun is shining: 13%
All white, all the time: 4%
If there's any doubt, need I remind everyone of this guy?

is that lipstick on his cheeks?
Oh I beg to differ, buster...


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