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Straight bars, use the MTB shifters, if you are taking parts from a mountain bike, then why not use all the bits.  The drive train will be fine and will give you a very versitile setup.  I converted an old KHS mtb and it works great.



Thanks Jeff - Yes my plan is to use MTB (MTN) shifters and brake-levers on the straight bar. If I can do one stop shopping for the drive and controls, that would be great. If I cant, I am wondering  - can MTB (MTN) bike shifters work with any road derailleurs? If I secured a road or CX drive chain, Shimano 105 or SRAM Rival, can I install MTB (MTN) bike shifters assuming the numbers of gears match the number of indexes. Also I will look for 46/36 tooth chain ring[s] for sure...        [MTB = MTN = Mountain bike] 

I've had a suggestion to stay with road bars but already had made the decision to do straight bar: its is built into the geometery and tube lengths of the frame. I could perhaps do a I real short stem, real wide road bars with space for MTN controls etc.. but I'll just stick with the plan

Wanted - (details on the group set I'm looking for for the above mentioned project)

  • Cassette, Shimano 105 9 Spd..... yes I dont mind buying this new though
  • rear derailleur, Shimano 105 9 spd 
  • front derailleur, Shimano (105) , with clamp size 28.6 or 31.8 
  • Shifter, rear, Deore LX, Shimano, 9 SPD (MTN bike shifter)
  • Shifter, front, Deore, LX, Shimano, 2 -ring (MTN bike shifter)
  • Crank with 46/36 Chain Ring and bottom bracket of .....size
  • Headset, 1"
  • Straightbar, handlebar

Hi John,

I have Deore LX 9 speed shifters,  and the 105 9-speed parts you are looking for except the crank, and the headset. My left shimano 105 shifter is missing the top plate but it did not affect the shifting. All 105 gear was taken off the bake a year ago when I replaced it with Rival. I am away from Toronto until April 4, but can contact you when I return to see if you are still interested.

Andre - that sounds great! I can wait until April 4th - actually I have hockey tournaments and galas :) to attend. So we can talk on the 7th or after. 

Excellent,I will send you a message as soon as I am back in Toronto.

I'm in the market for the following:

- a road beater for a male rider who is 5'10"

- road or cyclocross bike for a male rider who is 6'3"

If anyone is looking to do a spring cleaning of their bike inventory (i.e. making room for new bikes), please let me know.

Tatiana, I have a Giant TCR Advanced formula one carbon composite road bike. It is a 58" effective top tube length. I am 6'3" and this bike fits me perfectly - I have all of the dimensions of the bike if you need them as Scott Judges at Fitt1st just fit me on this bike. It has a mix of ultegra (crank (53-39 and 175mm length), front derailleur, brakes, shifters and cassette (11-25 i believe)) while the rear derailleur is duraace. I have a new sellle italia saddle on the bike. The wheels are Reynolds. I can put shimano or look pedals on the bike.
Let me know if you are interested. My only catch is that my new bike wont be ready for a couple of weeks, so I would prefer not to part with this till I have the new one, but I can have my arm twisted. I would be asking $1350.00

For Sale:  2010 Specialized Secteur Comp Compact.

Purchased new in Feb 2011 for over $1500.00.  Size 54.  Excellent condition, lightly ridden on weekends.  Tuned and ready for spring! Two fibre Specialized bottle cages included.  Asking $1000. For photos and full specs, see:

Anyone selling a beater road bike for someone 5'10"?

Bonjour Tatiana,

My old road bike is a Specialized Epic pro with carbon fiber tubes and aluminium lugs. The components are Dura-Ace.

The picture below is not the actual bike, but it looks like this.

I refurbished it a couple of years ago with a new saddle, tires, handlebars and tape. It has look carbon pedals installed two years ago.

It is 56 cm, so perfect for someone 5'10" (my height).


Hi Marc,

My roommate is looking for a bike to ride around town and I'm not sure if this bike should be locked up outside. How much are you looking to sell it for?


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