Do it yourself Clinics - Bike Workshops - Who's interested?

Just putting the feelers out on this one.  Let me know by posting a comment.  Thanks, D.


Beginners Course Outline -

  • Bike Fit and Position
  • Bottom Bracket adjustments
  • Brake System Adjustment and Maintenance
  • Cable and Housing Replacement and Maintenance
  • Derailleur System Adjustment and Maintenance
  • Emergency Roadside Repair
  • Flat Repair, Tire and Tube Design
  • Headset adjustment
  • Hub Adjustment
  • Pedal Replacement
  • Replacing Broken Spokes
  • Stem and Handlebars
  • Wheel Truing

Advance Course Outline -
  • Headset Installation
  • Bottom Bracket Installation
  • Disc Brake Maintenance and Bleeding
  • Fork Installation
  • Headset and Hub repack
  • Suspension Adjustments 
  • Wheel Building
  • Bike Overhaul

These are general outlines.  I can adjust accordingly.  Let me know if I forgot something.

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I'm interested in the beginners workshop. Not knowing this stuff is what stops me from going on long rides by myself.
Count me in for beginners course outline.
I would be interested in the beginer course - a weekday evening as a preference.
I think that this sounds great Dan.  I'd be very interested in attending these sessions. 

I'm interested in basically all of the topics you have listed.  Figure start with beginners and work towards the more advanced, and definately the emergency roadside repair is a must. 


You forgot one important skill:  bar wrapping! 


One other thing - it might be best to split your proposed two sessions into three.  I believe there is a need for a session devoted to typical "emergency" road-side repair work - fixing flats, loose cleats, dealing with broken spokes, etc.  There's a world a difference in fixing something for good and fixing it just so you can get home.  I also know that fear of being stranded keeps some members from pushing themselves for longer/faster rides - they don't have the knowledge/confidence to deal with any mechanicals that might arise when others aren't around to help (when riding solo, or if one gets dropped).


After that, there's probably an interest in learning how to do basic/beginner home maintenance (like derailleur adjustments, wheel truing, etc.) as well as interest in learning the more "advanced" maintenance techniques.


Personally, I would probably be interested in the advanced session - this is stuff that I sort of know how to do but that I typically pay others to do for me because (a) it takes me a long, long time to do and I'd rather ride than fiddle (e.g., re-cabling a bike); or (b) is just plain messy when I attempt it (e.g., disc brake bleeding).  If I can do it faster, and with less mess, I might be tempted to tackled this sort of stuff myself.

Dan, this is a great idea overall and Peter, I really like your idea of a session dedicated to "Emergency Roadside".  I think it would be the kind of thing that a lot of people will be interested in.  May even have to run this one multiple times.  We'll want to add broken chain to the list, how to deal with a toasted derailer when you're 50 kms from home.
Excellent idea.  Count me in.
I would be interested in the beginner's course.
Sounds great, I would love to take the Beginner's course!
Great idea D. Count me in for some learning.
I'm in


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