Thanks to our venerable leader, Daniel Yang, I had an opportunity to ride a gorgeous Louis Garneau Gennix R2 for about 4 weeks this past summer.  I should begin by putting things into context as my other 2 bikes are fast- but they are not carbon.  I ride an older Giant steelie for kicking around, and use a slightly modified aluminum Cervelo Soloist as my main ride. 


The first thing I noticed with the LG was the speed.  It is incredibly agile in the corners and it accelerates like it has afterburners.  While the bike may not be the absolute lightest on the market, it is very light.  It seems to float on the pavement- and when you stand to push up a hill or sprint- it responds instantly. 


The bike is also incredibly smooth.  I’m not sure if this is quality of all carbon bikes, but the R2 really seems to “absorb” the road.  The dampening qualities of this bike were well appreciated on long rides.  I had an opportunity to compare it head-to-head with my Soloist, and there was no question that on a 100k+ ride, my undercarriage was better treated by the Garneau!


In terms of looks- Louis Garneau did well.  The bike is gorgeous (and I’m not just saying that because mine was red!)  It features an oversized head tube and bottom bracket, and the top tube has a very cool “organic” design as it blends into the seat tube/ stays.  Mine was equipped with Ultegra components as well as a carbon wheelset (which was not stock I’m sure)!


All in all- this is a very fast, nimble, and comfortable bike that would be suitable for daily riding or as a race machine.  If you are in the market for a new bike, be sure to have Garneau on your short-list!

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I’d like to second Dave’s praise for Garneau’s Gennix R2.  In fact, I liked the demo bike so much that I bought it!  Like Dave, this was the first carbon bike I had ridden.  My reference point was my aluminium Cannondale CAAD 8.

I felt the difference between the two bikes right away.  Once I had spent a few weeks on the Gennix R2 there was no going back. The ride quality is superb. It accelerates quickly and smoothly, and then seems to glide. It is also beautifully balanced.  Once I got a feel for its heightened responsiveness through corners, I found myself taking them at higher and higher speeds just because I knew I could.  Descending, the Gennix R2 feels equally stable and controlled.  Put some twists in the descent; no problem:  the bike is rock solid.  If you like to get into a tuck and push it on the downhill, the Gennix R2 will not disappoint.

In terms of weight, my medium frame (54.5 cm) with an Ultegra 6700 gruppo and Ultegra Road Tubeless wheels tipped the scale at just a touch over 16 lbs.  As Dave already noted, there are lighter bikes out there.  They’re also a lot more expensive. When you consider that the UCI minimum is 15 lbs., the Gennix R2 is plenty respectable in the weight department.

The Gennix R2’s looks are top drawer.  It follows the trends set by many manufacturers: an oversized head tube and bottom bracket, and a creatively shaped down tube. Garneau went one step further.  The top tube seems to blend into the seat stays, which seem to curve around into the chain stays in one continuous arc.  An integrated seat post collar disappears into the rest of the frame.

Louis Garneau’s Gennix R2 is fast, smooth, comfortable and great looking.  What else do you need?


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