Hi everyone. We have a new garage and I wanted to get some input on bike storage solutions. I'd like to store them efficiently to take up less space, but not be too difficult to access. I don't want to be bungie-cord tying them to the ceiling for example. :)

I'm open to buying some sort of rack or system where maybe we hang the bikes along a wall? Homemade options would be fine too, as long as it doesn't require an advanced engineering degree to build.

We have 4 adult bikes and several kid bikes. I wouldn't mind adding a couple more adult bikes in the future. The kid bikes aren't as important for storage since they aren't very big.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts or experiences on this. Thanks!

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hooks from the rafters work, hang from the front wheel, might be tough for the kids to get the bikes down, but works and gets them out of the way. there are several pully systems that also work, have 4 in my garage, but of course keep all of my bikes beside my bed!!

HI Mike, for simplicity sake, I like hooks.. I bolted a 2x8 higher up on a wall (wall was cinder blocks) and screwwed a number of hooks into it. I alternated the hooks about 15cm apart in height and would hang the bikes alternately (hung by the front or back wheel) to save space. I also had bikes (hanging from both wheels) and wheels hanging from the rafters with hooks. They were high enough that I could back my car in and they wouldn't touch the top.

Hey Mike,

I picked up a 4 bike indoor rack from MEC fro $120.  Its by Delta.  The rack is quite simple and light but it makes for an efficient use of space.  I too have many, many bikes and rely on a combination of $2.00 hooks in overhead beams as well as this rack. Its nice because  you can move it around as your space changes.  Take a look at the MEC website http://www.mec.ca/AST/ShopMEC/Cycling/BikeStorageRacks/PRD~5014-598...


Thanks for the suggestions, guys.

QB - Ceiling hooks might work fairly well in my garage. I'm thinking of having hooks attached to a rope/chain and can make the hook hang lower for the kids' bikes.

Rob - Are the wall hooks fixed in place so you just reach the bike up and hang it? Are the bikes flat on the wall?

Bob - That rack looks interesting. I'll keep it mind, although I'm more keen on storage against a wall.

Dunno if I'll be any help here, but I think Rob's idea is that the tires are propped up against the wall and the bikes are perpendicular to the wall surface. In that case, your bikes would protrude into the room a bit, so if you have a single car garage that is long and/or wide, it should still work out well. It's really a fantastic storage idea that I'll keep in mind for myself in the long-term.

Hi Mike, yes the hooks are fixed. My bikes hung about 50cm off the ground. Gave me storage underneath.

Ok, bikes perpendicular to the wall is good.

Sorry for being dense, but I'm still not clear on the wall hook placement. Are the hooks on something so they aren't right on the wall then? I would assume if you want to hang something from a fixed hook, the hook would have to out maybe a foot or so from the wall.

Mike, I first bolted a wooden 2x8 (about 160cm long),parallel to the floor, to the cinder block wall using concrete screws (screws were #10x2 1/2" I think, placed about 35 cm apart along the top and bottom of the board). Then I screwwed the hooks into the wood 2x8.. The bikes hung vertically, either from the front or rear wheel, about 50cm off the floor. The hooks are easily found at Canadian Tire or Home Depot ($1.50 ea). Once up, it held 4 or 5 bikes up no problem. Here's a pic, not of my set up but of one similar. I alternated the bikes to save space..

Thanks Rob.  I think I will give that a try.

After many labour interruptions - the project is finally done.  Really helps create more space in the garage.

Looks great Mike. Well done.

Thanks for your help Rob.


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