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Thanks for posting this, David. I keep flagging the Brimley descent for th same concerns outlined in this tragic article. Unfortunately, it keeps popping up again under a different name. Strava should probably do more to prevent segments with a net negative grade, especially since the user base is generally not to be trusted to take care of things. Sadly, the Strava v. Flint case is proof they have limited liability and is also evidence that they felt they‘ve done enough. On another note, there are many segments that are not net downhill but are still dangerous to be hammering down. For instance, all of the lakeshore paths in the west end have leaderboards approaching/exceeding 50km/h on flats. These are speeds fast enough to kill in a collision and there are enough mixed users that the probability of harm is too high for comfort. I haven‘t had the heart to flag all of them yet, but I‘ve been tempted to do it given these concerns. Anyone wanna comment on that?

In addition to Paul's comment below. There was once a segment on Strava along Lakeshore at Port Credit between Hurontario Street and Mississauga Road, Westbound, I had it flagged due to that area is very busy especially crossing over the Port Credit bridge,  between 3 stoplights within few meters apart, shops, cars and joggers, and the probability of getting into a collision with motor vehicle or pedestrian is high. Although what happen to Flint v Strava is tragic but he choose to continue despite the danger, and Strava has a limited liability on this case. 


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