Hello all,

I recently joined BCC and just noticed a comment referencing that there were a number of triathletes in the group.  I would be very interested if there are any members either meeting up for training at some point (run/swim portion - BCC takes care of the cycling :) and/or who may be competing in any of the same events this year.  Last year was my "rookie" year - starting to both cycle more frequently (having bought my first road bike) and compete in my first Sprint Triathlon, and I plan on ramping up both activities strongly this year.   So still very new to competition, but loving every minute of it.

Currently I'm trying to swim at Regent Park on Mon/Weds/Fri mornings and doing my runs on Tues/Thurs/Sat (longer run on Sat).  I just got back into training last week - so still very out of shape from a winter of hibernation, but hoping to still better my time at Milton this year.  If anyone wants to meet up at some point, just let me know.



Planned races (subject to change):

Milton Sprint (June 7th)

Toronto Triathon - Olympic (June 21st) - will be dependent  on significant improvement in my swimming

Niagara Sprint (July 19th)

Guelph Lake II Sprint (Sept 5th)

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Welcome aboard with the BCC James. There are a number of triathletes at the club, so you will likely find some people to work out with.

I will likely be at the Milton Sprint - the opening of the season.

I will also be racing Ironman Mt Tremblant on august 16th and the Barrelman (half iron distance) in september. There will likely be a couple of others that I will fill in between now and then.

Good luck in the upcoming season, you will certainly find that BCC improves your cycling skills. Also, if you want focused indoor workouts, take a look at WattsUp cycling. 

Thanks qb - I'm looking forward to the season opening at Milton.

A non-event focused goal this year is to get swimming up to form where I can feel comfortable entering a 70.3 next year - right now it'd just be foolhardy to try.  Only really started learning how to swim (properly) last year and haven't paid up for coaching yet.  Think I could handle the cumulative bike/run with a slightly heavier training load but definitely investing a fair bit of time increasing my abilities and endurance in these areas as well, even without a long distance Tri event planned on my calendar this year.  BCC should definitely help out with the cycling.  

I'm training on a tight budget right now, so WattsUp is out, unfortunately (though I discovered TrainerRoad recently, which gives more structure to my home roller sessions).  

See you on the road!

Welcome James.  If you're looking for a great bunch of people to run with you could join the Boardwalk RoadRunners. We run the boardwalk and, for tempo runs, out to Cherry Beach. Wednesdays are "track/speed" and Fridays are "tempo". We meet at the foot of Silverbirch "on the boards" at 5pm. No registration/fee.  Swimming options are, as far as I can tell, limited to Masters groups for which you must register and pay. I swim with Team Atomica out of Riverdale Collegiate Institute.  I have swum with four different masters groups over the years and this one is the best for coaching/technique instruction. As for racing:

I may do Toronto Triathlon Festival Olympic in June

I may do Kingston Long Course in August

I will do Chicago Worlds Olympic in September

Hope to see you on a ride soon!

Thanks for the info Jessica.  The run group sounds great (I admit to needing the "inspiration" that a group provides in running some days) but there's zero chance I can make a 5pm start.  My rear end is firmly planted in my chair at work at that time for at least another 45min before I can sprint to my commuter bike parked outside.  I may join a swim group after this season, but at this stage it's likely better I hide my swimming abilities - at least until I feel a bit more respectable :).

See you on a ride sometime and maybe see you at the TTF.  

Hi James,

I also am new to BCC (just joined today)! Will be doing the skills test/clinic tomorrow morning and eager to become comfortable riding in a group.

I have ambitious triathlon goals this year - I come from a marathon running background and somehow thought it'd be 'fun' to do long distance tris this summer but I definitely need to improve my bike skills. I'll be in Milton, and then I'm doing the Tremblant 70.3 at the end of June, and a full IM in Wisconsin in September. I also swim at Regent although I plan to swim at the Summerville pool with the Masters club come end of June.

Looking forward to meeting and riding together!

Anne Marie

Hi James

I just joined and also training towards triathlon. I have four duathlons this year and Milton, Guelph are also on my list. Others are Gravenhurst and Barelman. If swim goes well, then maybe the Tri a Tri in the island.

I am on a seven day schedule for this month. Let's connect.



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