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As predicted by many, I am canceling the ride this morning.

Super windy and wet = Cold and Uncomfortable Riding Conditions.

Hardcore People - Train Indoors:)

See ya Next week!


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Watts Up's Peter Oyler Featured in the Globe

If you're spinning at Watts Up, you'll know Peter. If you don't doesn't matter, it's a Great Article! Go Pete!!!

Here it is:

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How's your Reaction Time?

The automobile driving manual says the average driver's reaction time is: .75 seconds....... or 1 car length for every 10mph...... I’m not sure of what that would equate to for a cyclist, but 0.75 seconds is probably all the notice you will get before you are creamed by a vehicle about to turn right or cut you off when the driver doesn’t see you.

Or in the case of group riding: Running into the back of another rider. This is why it is important to always be alert and NO Sudden… Continue

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Successful Beer Night: Magic # 15

Nice to see everyone out of Spandex! Forgot to take pics.

Now just the warm Weather..........

Saturday and Thursday Rides start dates will be posted to the respective groups.

Stay Tuned...


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First Danish Ride of 2009: Completed! Magic #22

Hey all,

Welcome back Willy! Sorry about your wheel James, you would have had fun. Next time.

We had 2 flats today, One on the way to the Danish and one on the way home. Note to self: Cut the Drinking the Night before. Completely forgot that I went to bed last night completely dehydrated(wine was good though). Got a hamstring cramp on the way back and rode home with Steve and Christian. Special thanks to Fred for pulling on the way home.

Mike, Albert, Greg, did… Continue

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The Half Ironman Pacific Coast

While BCC'ers gathered at timmies, I rode 80km of the pacific coast half iron. Now the profile on the computrainer looked relatively benign until about 55k at which point there was a solid climb. But that was just outright misleading, the run to 55 was almost all uphill (not material but still uphill) while the start of that climb was 8.6% and stayed above 5.5% for most of the 25 minutes it took to climb. The good news as outlined in the ride description below is that once you crest that nasty… Continue

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Bike Show Sunday Ride....

Hey all,

Seems that you all had a fun… Continue

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Successful Sunday Ride!

Thanks to all that showed: DK, AH, DO, GM, BW, JT, PS, EM, AN, BD

It was great to be on the road again with "The Crew". Awesome effort to Brian W. for coming out on a bike that had limited gears and really no brakes. We'll fix that.

Here were the Stats:

Dst: 52kms

Avg: 26km/h

Max: 55.kkm/h

Enjoy the… Continue

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The Training Picks Up as The Race Schedule takes Shape

We are turning a corner as the weather appears to be taking a turn for the milder, the clocks leap forward and my own training is starting to step up. With a focus on being able to run a marathon in may while still having a keen focus on the true A race in August, the challenges to keep focused remain. I am trying to map out my race season at this point and it looks quite busy. With a mixture of cycling races, running and triathlon, I am looking forward to getting on the road for the long… Continue

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Successful Beer Night!

Nice to see a bunch of members tonight. Met a couple new riders: Alan and Brian. Welcome!

Looking forward to an amazing season!



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