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Little hint of Rain didn't hurt anyone...

I hope you all had a good/safe ride.  Brooke, Brian, Ed, hope you stuck together and had a good ride.

Rest of us headed up to goodwood.  Pace was pretty quick.  Thank you to Paul and Jim for pulling.  All in all a great ride and great group of riders.   We managed over 45km/h down Reesor.  We'll have to do that again! Jim, you made it! 2K, you're getting out of control!  Steve, thanks for the spot on the tart. …


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Super Foggy/Misty Saturday Ride

Warm Welcome to all the New Riders.  Hope you enjoyed the… Continue

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Canadian Radio Station promotes violence... it's sad that it comes to this

Some of you might have heard this news, and if not. Just reading some news article and found that one radio station in Ontario are promoting violence against cyclist. If you are listening to this station I would rather not patronize. This is in the Niagara region an area great for riding especially the wine area. Here is the link. If you know anyone who patronize this radio station, please advise not to patronize. Violence is not the answer ladies and gentlemen.



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Thursday Hillicious Ride #4

A little rain to start the evening, but a pleasant little ride followed by some nasty hills and a few interval sprints.


Here are the pictures:



Thanks to Evan, Mohammed, and Jim for braving the elements with me.  Laurie brought the old green machine out for old times sake, but he tapped out with Dan before I got around to taking…


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Servizio Corsa Vittoria

Found this cool video from you tube. Just want to share it with everyone, its a behind the scenes on Vittoria Neutral vehicle on Strade Bianche. Some of you might have seen it, but for those who haven't seen it, enjoy. Its how the guys strategize their position in the peloton and determining which team is using Shimano, SRAM or Campy. The best part is the guy from team Androni asking for sandwich and the guy from GEOX getting his bike fix with allen key..…


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Tuesday rides begin!

Thanks to Dan for convincing me to ride last night, otherwise it would have been the couch!

The two of us openned the Tuesday night season with a great ride west along the lakeshore, north on Royal York, East on Wilson, Down fast, up slow thru Hoggs Hollow over to Leslie, for a rip south on Leslie, along eglinton to Laird for another rip down over the dvp past O'connor then west along side streets to Main, south to Gerrard and home.

This route was pretty good, a little shorter…


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Patryk Biegalski Victoria's Duathlon


Well, with five BCCers, our friends from the Ajax/Pickering Triathlon Club, as well as some high school friends in attendance, Victoria's Duathlon felt at times more like a social gathering than a race. I hadn't done a Duathlon (run/bike/run) in a couple of years while Jason, David, Steve, and Kerri had never done one so it was definitely an experience. We all had a great time so I hope…


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We didn't actually make it to Goodwood...Next week...we try again.

Nice to see a good turn out on today's ride.  Hope you all had a decent time on the bike today.  From the thought of rain approaching, the early flat from "Flatty", to more flats and police cars... it was an interesting day to say the least.  I understand qb you had some issues as well.... hope you got your time in.  It was great to ride with everyone today.  Comments welcome.…


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Flatty says thank you

Thanks to everyone today for your help and patience as I managed to set a new record for flat tires in one day - 3.  I owe tubes, pulls and beers at the 'Dog for sure.  You should be comforted by the knowledge that I vow to get new rubber before my next group ride and even went today to hook that up but CS was closed.


In the meantime, enjoy the "Beyond the Peleton" series link here.  …


Added by Scott Cuthbertson on May 22, 2011 at 4:33pm — 3 Comments

Good Luck to Our BCC Racers doing O-Cup #4 - Nith River Road Race

Here are the Details: Click Here.


Added by DY on May 21, 2011 at 1:01pm — 2 Comments

Super Stellar Sunny Saturday Ride: Complete.

Pics and Video Above.

Welcome to all the new riders.  I hope you felt welcome and will come back for more.  Nice to see familiar faces from last season I hadn't seen all winter.  I did the Pickering route and everyone survived.  Till next…


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Hillicious Thursday - Good weather, Well attended.

Nice to have Diane and Laura out.  Hope you both had a good workout.  Cheers,…


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Evan Glazer Sunrise Sundays

Well after waking up going back to sleep and waking up again and finally talking myself into actually riding, I headed over to the Grinder to meet everyone for our Sunrise Sunday.  Where was everyone???

Just as I was getting ready to head out Rob Jones came peddling up.  Ready to go?  So off we went.  Me kicking and screaming into the Nor Easterns and him screaming something about "If you wait for good weather, you'll never ride".  (Apparently in Newfoundland that's the way it…


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Sweet Satisfaction a PB

Well, it has been some time in coming and a seemingly endless amount of work but today i believe i have crossed the threshold from being a wannabe to being a runner. There have been several times when I have felt this way on the bike, being competitive in races and either being on the podium or getting very close. All of that created feedback that told me I have what it takes to be competitive. Running hasn't followed the same path. I have attempted for a couple of years now to qualify for…


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Foggy Saturday Ride....Please Read Qb's Post Below about Brimley!!!

Welcome to Rhonda and welcome back Laura.  Great ride.  Little foggy, but all in all, I think it was all good:-)  Thanks goes to Luigi for bringing us Sample Cliff…


Added by DY on May 14, 2011 at 11:30am — 1 Comment

Cyclists Beware

This morning I had the good fortune of riding up and down Brimley and was stopped at the bottom by an unmarked Toronto Police car. The good officer advised me that this week, the force will be cracking down on cyclists and pedestrians when it comes to traffic violations. He was very clear - ROLL A RED LIGHT, STOP SIGN etc and you will get a ticket if police are there. Of course I told him the BCC follow the traffic laws, but thanked him nontheless.


On another note, for those…


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Thursday Hillicious Ride

Well, the rain stayed away long enough for a small group of dedicated Thursday riders to gather at Birchmount and Kingston Road.  Welcome to Rick, who celebrated joining BCC with Brimley hill repeats! 




Not much in the way of photos this week - too busy riding!  Seems I also failed to get a photo of the idiot who rode up and down Brimley on his fixie.  (Rumour has it that this same guy rides the Don Trails on Monday nights with the same bike.)  Dan…


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First 2011 Monday MTB Ride!

A beautiful night for a little play time in the dirt!  Welcome to Martin, and thanks to Jeff, Ryan and Alex for joining me. 




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Do it Yourself Clinics - Bike Workshops - Who's interested?

Click on the link below for the info.  Comments welcome in the Discussion Forum - Details Located Here:

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Mother's Day Ride - Nice and Early

Hope you all made it back in time.  Here are the pics. Comments…


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