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Turbo Tuesday Ride Report - May 27th 2014

Paul and I had discussed trying to get new riders to the Tuesday Night rides.  We wanted to create an open invite for those that were unsure if they can handle the ride and if they could keep up(Min Riding Speed of 30kph).  Tonight was the first night we opened it up and agreed on the ride format ahead of time.  Welcome Andrea and Jason.  I think our average for the…


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Another Great Day for Riding. How was your Ride? Sunday May 25th 2014

Didn't get to take as many pics today.... How was Goodwood?  


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Super Stellar Sunny Saturday Ride - May 24th 2014 - How was your Ride?

Thank you all for breaking into smaller groups at the start of the ride.  Please tell us how your ride was...

Honorable mention to David Raponi-Monk for helping out the new riders and leading by example and keeping his group together.  Thanks David.

Also thanks to Andre and J-Rod for helping out with a group and keeping a steady pace up to Stouffville.  I know…


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A water bottle flying off and getting stuck in the rear wheel on a decent, wicked hamstring cramps, failed Di2 rear derailleur and a lost BCC vest, yet despite that, all 4 BCC riders finishing in top 15% of age group. The Gran Fondo New York 2014 was one of the best bike rides ever!

Back in October Nils texted me at work: "GFNY, May 2014, interested?"…


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Strava Heat Maps

Interesting use of Strava data ...

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Saturday May 10th 2014 - How was your Ride? Please Comment.

Hey all,

This was a great weekend.  Hope you all had great rides with respective groups.  How was your ride?  


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Sunny Sunday May 11th 2014 - Happy Mother's Day!

Another great day for riding.  How was your ride?

Nils, Jeff and Bob chasing us down after they fixed a flat. Sage when…


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O-cup #4 Grey County (Suffer fest) - Race ReCap

Im spending the day recovering from the Grey County Road Race and thought Id give an update on the hardest day of racing Ive ever taken on.

It was a sunny and warm to start but the forecast called for strong steady winds.  That coupled with alot of climbing, a 87.5km course with roughly 1.2km of climbing and a finish line at the top of scenic caves road made me realize…


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To Wheels Epic Sports Performance BCC hits up O-Cup#3 - Springbank Crit!

JRod, Mouckie and I spent the night in London so that we could be relaxed and ready well ahead of the early race start times. Unfortunately, we arrived too late to check anything out which was a shame because it was my first time in London. Hopefully I'll have another chance to check it out in the future! Strangely, the downtown area seemed very quiet when we…


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Sunday May 4th 2014 - How was your Ride? Please Comment.

Sunday Ride Pic.  Quite a large turnout.  How did everyone fair up?  Please share.



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Saturday May 3rd Ride: - How was your ride? Please comment.

Saturday Ride Pic.  Warned of Rain...Barely any...Heard it was fast!…


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Cycling in the summer can be about casual riding, sprinting, spinning, big-ring hammerfests or what ever your chosen type of riding is. The BCC was founded for the sole purpose to network cyclists. It has grown into a successful club which accommodates Riders at almost all skill/fitness levels. Everyone should be able to participate and have fun at their respective levels.


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For this ride, advanced group riding and bike handling skills are required. You must also be aware of your limitations. Riding speed is 35kph+.


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Starts at 5:40am. This ride includes Bayview, pottery rd, redway other local hills.



Starts at 5:30AM. Bring your CX or MTB out for a great Don trail ride. Some weeks, we'll head to a local park to practice CX skills.

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BCC Race Team
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A place where those interested in, or already addicted to, riding the boards can share info.

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