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Magic # 10

Present: Tenacious Trish, Peter "always willing to pull" Sutton, Jodie "I'm feeling the Dinner Party", Dave G., Thi "Lets do 95kms guys!", JayC "Are my tires low?", Christian, Dave A., Patryk and… Continue

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Who knew Paul Smith could do a no-handed trackstand! And in front of Cav no less. This puts the man of many stripes even higher in my book.

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To Beer, or Not to Beer! Movicious Time was had by all.

It's true what they say, a picture tells a thousand… Continue

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Weds in DECEMBER @ Watts Up... Who's IN?

Here is the current List(Original Location Here):

***Note: Watts Up prefers CC Authorization. Contact them Direct: 416.750.3888 - Ask for Peter or Adam, BUT PLEASE COMMENT if you want to be there!


1. Steve Wolowich(CC)

2.… Continue

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Note to self - Keep your eye upon the donut and not upon the hole

On my drive into work this morning I watched a guy riding his mountain bike in traffic on a busy street. He had only one leg with crutches tied to the top tube. Yes one leg. The former other leg (assuming he used to have two) was gone at the hip. He seemed just fine though. He was not very fast. I am thinking I could take him.

Hope everyone has a good week!


Added by Steve Wolowich on November 23, 2009 at 9:30am — 4 Comments

Super Sunny Sunday!!! 20+ Turnout!

Hope you all had a great ride! It definitely was the day for… Continue

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Hipsters....Cyclocross...So Funny...Thanks Alex!


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Another Great Wed at Watts!

So, the numbers don't lie.... About 90% of riders tonight had their AVG watts Drop from 25mins into the workout to the hour to the 1.5 hour mark. This holds true to our onroad/outside group rides which start off faster than most feel comfortable and resulting in dropped riders.

Looking forward to 2010 season, I plan on harnessing the power/potential of riders in our club by keeping the pace moderate for the first portion of the ride; much like we did this… Continue

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Top 30 Cyclist of All Time!

Care of Alex:

We will ride…

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Thank You BCC.

It was very nice to see all the BCC Riders; my friends, last night. You really made the night awesome!. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves and were able to reminisce the year of riding. I know when I first watched the video QB made, I was moved to see all my friends riding together and having a great time do it! The club has come a long way in a year and it's all attributed to each and everyone of you!

Special thanks to the party organizing crew. I would say the party… Continue

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Slow Start Sunday, NOT!

That was a fast start, doesn't feel like a mid November Ride, that's for sure

Hope you had a great ride!

Saw some familiar faces at… Continue

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Sunny Saturday

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"Dont' Stop Believing" Weds at Watts Up

Great to see such energy at Watts tonight! Another wicked wednesday. See ya next… Continue

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"Coming of Age" DVD - A BCC Exclusive by QB

Hey all,

Here is the teaser:


Full feature DVD Launch will be at the End of Season Party, Nov 12th 2009. Reserve your copies… Continue

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Current Ticket Holders for the EOS Party!

Just want to say "THANKS!" for a great season, but its not over: There's Still time..... Hurry and get your tickets! Party Details...CLICK HERE!

x1 Thi

x2 Mark K. and Jordan K.

x2 Charlene and her husband

x2 Rob and Trish

X1 David Adams

X1 Christian

X1 Dave Gesell

X2 Marco & Nancy

X1 Ian Wilcox

X1 Catherine

X2 Teresa &… Continue

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Super Sunny Sunday Cruise: Completed!

Great to see everyone this morning and chat about life and the party coming up next week. Hope you all had a good time at S-bux.



PICS and… Continue

Added by DY on November 8, 2009 at 11:26am — 8 Comments

BCC Dim Sum Lunch Details....NOV 8th 2009 - 12:30ish

Location: 421 Dundas Street West Toronto, ON M5T 2W4 - (416) 979-8833

Meet Time: 12:30pm

Reservation Name: Daniel

Open Invite.

POST Picture: Thanks to Jeff, Ian, Teresa, Sian and Jason. Great… Continue

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Sunny Saturday Ride...10 Degrees!

Welcome Steve! Hope you all had a good… Continue

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Wicked Wednesday @ Watts Up!

So the BCC completed their first Club Ride Indoors. Comments from the participants welcome.... Hope you all had a great time.... till next week. Ian, you're a riot!


Added by DY on November 5, 2009 at 2:30am — 8 Comments

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