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Bike power calculations

Hi all. Given my spate of flats lately (always at the bottom of a descent...) I was interested in how much I was heating up my rims through braking. So I pulled together a quick power calculator. I know there's a number of engineers among us, so thought folks might find this interesting (sorry if this is a "been there, done that" thing - I couldn't find anything online that worked well)

The cells in orange are inputs. The coefficients of wind resistance and rolling resistance…


Added by Brad Reddick on June 17, 2016 at 7:38pm — 4 Comments

BCC women on the podium again at the KW Classic!

This past Sunday June 5th was the Kitchener-Waterloo Classic Road Race, part of the Ontario Cup series.   Once again the BCC women represented with solid podium placings!

Big congrats to Aubrie and Ivana for fighting hard to earn more medals for the cabinet, and placing so well in a tough group…


Added by Alex Mulholland on June 6, 2016 at 1:30pm — 10 Comments

Today's Ride

Thanks so much to Dan for sending us off this morning in a punctual and organized fashion.

I rode with one of the zoo groups and I have to say it was fantastic.

Great weather, great group (11 of us), great conversation, great coffee.

Here are a couple of pics:…


Added by Mike McInnis on June 4, 2016 at 4:00pm — 2 Comments

the cops are out there and they are looking for us!

our group got pulled over today for running a stop sign. The nice cops let us off with an official warning to one of the members, but it could have been worse  - a $110 ticket. there is some sort of safety blitz going on so be careful at stop signs and red lights.

Added by chris andrews on May 21, 2016 at 2:10pm — 3 Comments

BCC and twESPBCC crush the Mother’s Day O-Cup!

This past weekend involved a very cool 6-corner criterium up in Markham at the Honda Canada headquarters. 

On the Saturday, I attended the Youth Cup to help as a volunteer. This was an amazing experience. I was given the cool duty of marshalling the SW corner, waving a flag to signal that the kids had cleared the corner safely. Watching and cheering on the burgeoning young talent…


Added by Paul McKeever on May 15, 2016 at 6:30pm — 8 Comments

Weekend in Review... Let's Talk

Hey all,

Great turnout this weekend!  Please comment on you ride(s) this weekend.  Did you enjoy your time on the bike?  What was great?  What could be improved?

Lets have an open discussion and keep safety front and centre so we can continue to have amazing rides as a…


Added by DY on April 18, 2016 at 9:27am — 8 Comments

Calabogie - BCC on the podium!

BCC was well represented yesterday in the Calabogie O-Cup, with four of us in Mens E4 (Chris, Alex, Gordon, myself), Ivana in Womans M3, and JoLo in Mens E3.  I can only comment on our race (and only from my viewpoint) so everyone else please chime in on your experiences.

The Calabogie race track is a great spot to race bikes at high speeds - it's wide…


Added by James Eaton on April 18, 2016 at 9:12am — 8 Comments

BCC - The Safest Riding Club Around! - How we do it...Please Read & Comment.

Rider Safety

Cycling Safety and Etiquette - ALL OF US: from seasoned racers to novice recreational riders, benefit from brushing up on our basics.

Helmets are MANDATORY.

Obey the rules of the road. Conduct yourself with the same consideration as you would expect from any other road user, particularly motorists. Aggressive behaviour and gestures by cyclists will alienate…


Added by DY on April 14, 2016 at 10:56pm — 12 Comments

Maybe add this to BCC skills session

For everyone's amazement and enjoyment.  Tinkoff bike skills session:

Added by Harris Silver on April 13, 2016 at 11:00am — No Comments

How to Safely Make the Transition to Outdoor Training

How to Safely Make the Transition to Outdoor Training

Interesting article that I thought would be helpful as we get ready to get back outside!

How to Safely Make the Transition to Outdoor Training

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 | By Lance Watson

For those trapped inside on a treadmill or trainer after a winter of snow covered roads, the first warm day beckons you to move outside. Before…


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Spring is Almost Here...

Hey everyone,

I have been asked about Club kit, I've also opened a new discussion for 2016 Club Kit…


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Hey all... OCA affiliation update...

Hi Danny,

Still working on it with Jim. Will provide an update as soon as I have one.

I noticed some riders are applying for UCI’s and putting the club name in so I am bookmarking those so that once I can get the club up they are good to process.

Christopher Baskys

Membership Manager

Shop for the Holiday Season and help raise funds for Youth Cycling CLICK HERE

Ontario Cycling Association

2-2015 Pan Am Boulevard

Milton, ON…


Added by DY on January 12, 2016 at 12:52pm — 1 Comment

Bruce Day Tops Final Standings - CX O-Cup M3

Hi All

I was just looking back through our CX results and realized that our very own Bruce Day won the overall M3 CX O-Cup this year! Congratulations and Great work Bruce. Did they give you a medal and are you being upgraded??



Added by Simon Kelley on January 8, 2016 at 11:30am — 12 Comments

CX O-Cup #6: The Silver Goose. Podium for Bruce Day

We are well into the CX season now and the races seem to get more challenging each time, so rather than the races getting easier with experience, it is actually getting more difficult. What i mean by that is that the courses are becoming a lot more technical. CX racing has completely revolutionized my end of season bike riding, and I am loving it. I just wish I could get out more to practice my skills, because that is what is really holding me up at the moment.…


Added by Simon Kelley on November 1, 2015 at 10:30pm — 5 Comments

BCC End of Season Party - Thursday Oct 29th 2015 - 7:30PM - Louis Cifer on the Danforth

Hey All,

It's that time... Thanks for a great season!

Please R.S.V.P.(Click Here) by the end of…


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Hey all,

This year we'll be changing it up due to time/schedule constrains with the crew at Blacksmith.  

Please R.S.V.P. HERE.

So this is the plan:

Where: Merchant Ale House Pub - We will start and end…


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Tour de Hans ... Crash Ending!

Well, I had a nasty crash in a sprint finish at the Tour de Hans on Sunday in Cambridge. I had a concussion and broke my collar bone :((

Not to mention road rash on my shoulder, arms and hip, and a few cuts on my left hand and leg. But my face is intact!

It's too bad because it was going so well. This was my second Tour de Hans (the 50km race), and despite limited time on the bike in the last few weeks I managed to get some good training to prepare for it. Having done the ride…


Added by Marc Des Rosiers on September 29, 2015 at 2:57pm — 10 Comments

CX O-Cup 2: We Need More Cowbell

Well, I am rather cognizant of hogging the Blog Page this weekend, but I absolutely must recap a fabulous day at the second CX O-cup of the season. 

If you read nothing more of my ramblings, read this..."Cross is Awesome, and even if you have to beg, borrow, temporarily misappropriate or ask Father Christmas for a cross bike, then do it and come and join in the…


Added by Simon Kelley on September 27, 2015 at 10:30pm — 7 Comments


My friend Steve Beatty, rider from Neworld Cycling club, is the Dad of one of my patients. He and I founded Spin For limbs four years ago and run it out of his home town in Burlington. Today Steve asked me if I could get him a BCC jersey, because he wants to wear one to ride in. Guess why? You know why, but  I'll tell you!!

It's because year after year riders from BCC…


Added by Simon Kelley on September 26, 2015 at 9:30pm — 4 Comments

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BCC Rides

Cycling in the summer can be about casual riding, sprinting, spinning, big-ring hammerfests or what ever your chosen type of riding is. The BCC was founded for the sole purpose to network cyclists. It has grown into a successful club which accommodates Riders at almost all skill/fitness levels. Everyone should be able to participate and have fun at their respective levels.


Weekend Rides: 


Saturday Morning
Start time is 8:00am early season, 7:00am as days get longer. Route distances vary from 55-120km and several pace groups are available. Saturday morning rides focus on a social vibe.


Sunrise Sundays
Rides will start around sunrise. Rotating routes will focus on distances from 55-160km.  Remote start rides outside the GTA.

Weekly Rides:



Advanced Turbo Tuesdays
For this ride, advanced group riding and bike handling skills are required. You must also be aware of your limitations. Riding speed is 35kph+.


Hillicious Thursdays
Starts at 5:40am. This ride includes Bayview, pottery rd, redway other local hills.



Starts at 5:30AM. Bring your CX or MTB out for a great Don trail ride. Some weeks, we'll head to a local park to practice CX skills.

Informal Rides Click Here

Other Rides:

Race Team

BCC Race Team
Please join if you will be racing in 2018 as part of the BCC Race Team!

Track Cycling

BCC Track Cycling Group

A place where those interested in, or already addicted to, riding the boards can share info.

BCC Youth

BCC Youth Group

An initiative to have weekly skills sessions and rides for young riders.

Interested in finding a new route or refreshing your memory on an old faithful? Check out the Routes page.


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