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On Hand Signals…

I was going to put this in the forum, but thought it might see more traffic here…

I recently read this article by the Globe and Mail's Peter Cheney discussing the confusion over hand signals by those of us on two wheels. I am a strong proponent of his proposal. Discuss?

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Glorious Zoo Loop and a Suggestion

Wow. What a lovely ride today. Sure, it was a bit brisk first thing in the morning, and I am getting over a bad sinus cold, but lots of sunshine along with great company got me through to the coffee prize at the end. Thanks to Simon, Jon, John, Phallon, Brad, Scott, Marc, Jeff, Brad (there were 13 of us, but names are escaping me).

Our group rode very well together and…


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Splendid Zoo Loop Thirteen

Rolling along Lawrence

Thirteen of us decided to stick to an early Zoo Loop today. Despite our differing degrees of experience (Joe wanted an easy spin before winging off to France; Suzanne a very welcome and capable new BCCer) we stuck together like glue.

Thanks to Suzanne, Alexx, Melani, Heather, Brooke, Kara, Lynne Tatiana, Matt, Jeff, Mike, Joe for helping to start my first day of summer off perfectly. We…


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O-Cup #4 - Lake of Bays - Results and Post Race Synopsis

(Photo Courtesy of Jason Shuker)

Hope I'm not stealing anyone's thunder, although there seems to be much rumbling today. I was just thinking about today's Lake of Bays Road Race, wondering how the troops faired. The BCC kicked some serious butt today, and Paul M won his particular race!

Congrats to everyone for going all the way up there to race in what…


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Back to London in the new year, anyone?

I just came across this little video in which some folks travelled all the way from Ottawa to the Forest City Velodrome. Made me want to get a group together to head down once again, say, in the new year.

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We slayed (slew?) the snake!

Well, some of us started at Marie Curtis at 6:30, some of us began at Leslie & Lakeshore at 6:30, and one of us (Steve W.) even started at Leslie & Lakeshore at 5:30! Actually, I think Dave O. started out there too.

Our MC Park group was about 14 strong. Lets see who I can remember: Steve W., Dave O., Nick B., Brian M., Evan, Megan, Terry, Nick, Wayne, Brian W., a fellow I've never met wearing Enbridge jersey, Jason, Alexx and yours truly.…


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1st September Sunrise Sunday

Our ride starting/ending at Elgin Mills was great! Pretty cold up there at 7am, but at our just north of 30k pace, I managed to warm up by the turn at Old Homestead! Two flats didn't slow us down too much, but we ended up scrubbing our time on those two Kennedy lumps just north of Aurora road when nearly squashed the little dude in the last pic in the reel below. Ended up stopping to help him to the other side of the road and (hopefully) to safety. Oh, and…


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Makeshift Monday 'Cross Madness

Well, I guess it pays to check the site before heading out to a ride.

Picked up Marco and the two of us went down to the park to find…no one there! Oh well, we did some drills and rode around on Jamie's little course. The turning is getting easier, but I did manage to bin it on a dismount! Good news is it didn't rain at all, well until just now. It's raining buckets out there.

Here's our visual evidence. Till next week then!…


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IMPORTANT NOTICE - Don Trail bridge

Jon Spira and I were riding in the Don this early morning and made a little discovery:

You know the wooden train bridge just north of the molars, that is on the way to ET Seton, Sunnybrook and all the rest? Well, the wooden ramp on the west side of that bridge is basically out. We had to do a little cyclocross/portage toward the bottom and found equipment. When we were on our way back two workers told us no dice, and that the whole damn bridge will be out till November. We had to…


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So, who did 21 Brimleys yesterday?

We did!

All six of us slayed la bête, le géant de Provence, yesterday. Thought it only too appropriate to do it on a Hillicious Thursday, although to call Le Mont Ventoux a 'hill' tends to understate its hugeness. Here's some photo evidence……


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Thankgiving Saturday Social Zoo Loop

We proved we can do this thing without Dan! Here's a pic to prove it. Had to take three to get us all in, then piece them together.

We had a nice ride and everyone got back safe and sound.

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A nice little post I found...

I just read this entry on Red Kite Prayer and loved it. Thought it was worth putting up here.

Check it out...

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Bonne chance to a home town pro

Normally I'd throw something like this up on Forum, but I think Blog Posts gets more traffic, so check it out.

Michael Barry was interviewed by Matt Galloway on Radio One this morning about being selected for the Tour. If you didn't hear it, check it out!

Here's a vid Galloway posted on his Twitter account afterward. Wicked!…


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Who knew Paul Smith could do a no-handed trackstand! And in front of Cav no less. This puts the man of many stripes even higher in my book.

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BCC Rides

Cycling in the summer can be about casual riding, sprinting, spinning, big-ring hammerfests or what ever your chosen type of riding is. The BCC was founded for the sole purpose to network cyclists. It has grown into a successful club which accommodates Riders at almost all skill/fitness levels. Everyone should be able to participate and have fun at their respective levels.


Weekend Rides: 


Saturday Morning
Start time is 8:00am early season, 7:00am as days get longer. Route distances vary from 55-120km and several pace groups are available. Saturday morning rides focus on a social vibe.


Sunrise Sundays
Rides will start around sunrise. Rotating routes will focus on distances from 55-160km.  Remote start rides outside the GTA.

Weekly Rides:



Advanced Turbo Tuesdays
For this ride, advanced group riding and bike handling skills are required. You must also be aware of your limitations. Riding speed is 35kph+.


Hillicious Thursdays
Starts at 5:40am. This ride includes Bayview, pottery rd, redway other local hills.



Starts at 5:30AM. Bring your CX or MTB out for a great Don trail ride. Some weeks, we'll head to a local park to practice CX skills.

Informal Rides Click Here

Other Rides:

Race Team

BCC Race Team
Please join if you will be racing in 2018 as part of the BCC Race Team!

Track Cycling

BCC Track Cycling Group

A place where those interested in, or already addicted to, riding the boards can share info.

BCC Youth

BCC Youth Group

An initiative to have weekly skills sessions and rides for young riders.

Interested in finding a new route or refreshing your memory on an old faithful? Check out the Routes page.


BCC on Strava


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