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BCC Youth Group starting soon - get your child registered for the first ride!!

Hi everyone. 
BCC youth group will be starting soon.  Friday, April 27 is the planned first day (weather permitting).
Here is the link to the BCC Youth GROUP
We are planning to run a basic grass tracks program and a few more advanced rides for the…

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Today's Ride

Thanks so much to Dan for sending us off this morning in a punctual and organized fashion.

I rode with one of the zoo groups and I have to say it was fantastic.

Great weather, great group (11 of us), great conversation, great coffee.

Here are a couple of pics:…


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Youth Cup Bike Races Around Toronto

Hi everyone. I hope everyone is having a good season so far.

For anyone who has kids who ride, I want to point out the Ontario Youth Cup races that are available. Out of the six races, four are pretty close to Toronto and look like great events.

The races are available for any kids turning 9 this year or older. They typically have 2-year age categories.

Events are run on a closed course, so no worries about cars.

The races consist of a time trial, a…


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Fun CycloCross Session

Last Thursday I went to the BCC cross session led by Jrdo/Jman...the cyclist originally known as Jason (I think). Unfortunately due to injury, I wasn't able to participate but I managed to get a few pics and videos. It was a great night at Riverdale Park - lovely weather, friendly locals and a good turnout of about a dozen riders.

I would encourage anyone who…


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Great Simcoe Ride - July 27

Scenic coffee break:

Did my first Simcoe ride today and it was worth the wait. We had a really good group of 11 for most of the way (D, Sage, Dru, Bob, Simon, Nils, Nick, Yossi, Joe & Paul) and made pretty good time. About 40km to go we split the group since 4 riders wanted a shorter ride.  Very fun group to ride with.

The weather was threatening…


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Ride for Heart - 25 km

Did the Ride for Heart 25 km length this morning.  Fantastic weather.  I've only done this ride once about 10 years ago, so it was pretty cool to get out on the highway again.

We started the ride right at 7:00, so it was a bit crowded on the way up, but not too bad. After the turnound, traffic was very light.  It's so awesome to be on a closed course like…


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Bikes stolen

Hey guys. My bikes were stolen out of my locked garage on Thursday night (Nov 7). They weren't locked inside the garage, since I thought they were secure there, but obviously I was wrong.

I don't have any real hope of getting them back, but I plan to keep an eye out on kijiji etc for them, in case they end up there.

I would ask that if you hear or see of either bike type being offered for sale, to maybe check the reg number (for the Trek anyway). Unfortunately I never got the…


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Thursday Cross Madness #8 - Super Trooper Edition

Last night marked a new field of play for cross practice along with new weather. Conditions at Greenwood Park were wet. Raining and wet.

Jeff, Jason & Connor were the only participants and they managed to get a decent amount of laps in considering the conditions.

Because of the semi-darkness, none of my pics were any good - however, this video turned out not too bad:


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CX Monday Madness #5 - Lots of action!

Connor shows Jason and Warren how to do a tight turn.(Above)

The fifth cross practice took place tonight and with addition of some slightly damp grass, there were thrills, spills and grass stains.

Myself, Connor, Jeff and Jason were in attendance along with Paul M & Warren, both of whom I met for the first time.

Looks like a…


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CX Practice - Part II

Tonight some of us met up for cross practice without our fearless leader Jamie.  The weather was perfect, the hill was still steep and some nearby logs substituted for the cross barriers we normally practice with.

Myself, Connor (the little guy), Jeff, Don, Charles and Andre did quite a few laps around the course, except Don who had some technical difficulties.  I was having a bit of trouble getting up the hill for most of my laps and it wasn't until almost the end when I realized I…


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No rain, no gain!

Six of us did the 8:00 am zoo loop on Saturday in spite of rain in the forecast and in spite of the actual rain coming down at the start. It didn't rain very hard for the first part of the ride, but by the time we got to the zoo - we were all pretty wet and the rain picked up the pace far more than we did. Too bad there are no short cuts from the zoo.

By the end it was very wet and pretty cold. Not the most pleasant ride, but considering I haven't done a group ride for six months…


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Running track at Monarch Park - My visit

After reading about the Monarch Park Stadium running track, http://beachescyclingclub.ning.com/profiles/blogs/toronto-s-largest-indoor-track-now-open-in-our-backyard, I decided to head there last night with my son (6 yr) to check it out.

I'm hoping that having a softer surface to run on will help save my knees a bit.

The track was pretty amazing. It really is…


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Saturday Zoo Ride - Nov 3

Fun zoo ride today. Rode with the Stouffville crowd until the turn off from Meadowvale. Weather was a bit cold, but at this time of year, we have to take what we can get. I managed to take a few pics.…


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Super Sunday Ride

Did my first Sunday ride today and I have to say it is pretty similar to the Saturday ride. :)

We all opted to do Stouffville, even though there were one or two riders who would have done Goodwood if there was more interest.

The weather was great and there were lots of nice colours up north, although we encountered a bit too much red (lights) once we got back into town.

I can't remember all the names, but Jeff & Wayne did a short loop. The rest of us more or less…


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BCC Rides

Cycling in the summer can be about casual riding, sprinting, spinning, big-ring hammerfests or what ever your chosen type of riding is. The BCC was founded for the sole purpose to network cyclists. It has grown into a successful club which accommodates Riders at almost all skill/fitness levels. Everyone should be able to participate and have fun at their respective levels.


Weekend Rides: 


Saturday Morning
Start time is 8:00am early season, 7:00am as days get longer. Route distances vary from 55-120km and several pace groups are available. Saturday morning rides focus on a social vibe.


Sunrise Sundays
Rides will start around sunrise. Rotating routes will focus on distances from 55-160km.  Remote start rides outside the GTA.

Weekly Rides:



Advanced Turbo Tuesdays
For this ride, advanced group riding and bike handling skills are required. You must also be aware of your limitations. Riding speed is 35kph+.


Hillicious Thursdays
Starts at 5:40am. This ride includes Bayview, pottery rd, redway other local hills.



Starts at 5:30AM. Bring your CX or MTB out for a great Don trail ride. Some weeks, we'll head to a local park to practice CX skills.

Informal Rides Click Here

Other Rides:

Race Team

BCC Race Team
Please join if you will be racing in 2018 as part of the BCC Race Team!

Track Cycling

BCC Track Cycling Group

A place where those interested in, or already addicted to, riding the boards can share info.

BCC Youth

BCC Youth Group

An initiative to have weekly skills sessions and rides for young riders.

Interested in finding a new route or refreshing your memory on an old faithful? Check out the Routes page.


BCC on Strava


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