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BCC Represents at Blue Mountains Centurion 2013

The BCC was well-represented at the Blue Mountains Centurion this year! A fantastic time was had by all, and a lot of firsts and personal bests were won. From the outstanding finish of Paul M., to the first-time rides by Trish N. and Ivana, I think that people reached their goals and even surprised themselves!

Please post your stories, and share any photos that you may have taken. Results can be found here:…


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BCC Women's Rapha 100 - a fantastic success!!!

Despite the rain, I think that this was one of my favourite rides ever! I read about the Rapha Women's 100 ride on the Rapha website and thought that this would be the perfect event to get a bunch of BCC ladies out to ride together on our own. Of course, when I woke up and it was raining, I figured it would only be a couple of us (who had made a blood pact to show up rain or shine) slogging it out in the rain, whining the whole way,... boy, was I surprised when 10 women…


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BCC Ladies do the Rapha Women's 100 - this weekend!

Hello Ladies of the BCC! Rapha is promoting a ride called the Rapha Women's 100. on Sunday of this weekend. This is a ride that will take place all over the world, in any location. Women are encouraged to get our and ride 100km together, on a course of their choosing. This event is meant to celebrate…


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Jason's Excellent Informal Pickering Route

So, Jason organized this super-fun excellent ride to Pickering, and 9 people showed up: Jason, Neil, Laura, Leigh, Maarten, Marc, Dave Adams, Andre and Me. Andre rode to Lawrence and Beechgrove then took off for his own ride. We went through a bunch of little paths (that would've been sketchy with a large group, but were perfect for a small group). I'd never been that way before! Everyone had a nice chat, and the ride along the Lakeshore was…


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Fabulous Sunday Goodwood ride

Sorry, no pictures.

What a lovely day - great weather, great riding. The butter tarts were delicious, as always. Much better coffee at Anina's this year with the new machine! Nice to see Mike Hingert and his vintage Austin Healey  Sprite up at the coffee shop. A terrific group of people turned out for the ride, and the groups seemed to separate naturally and ride very well well together. Seemed like a good time was had by all. Jeff, great route variation on the way…


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Ironman Kentucky - Complete!

Hi All!


Not to steal any glory from our 3 BRAND NEW IRONMEN, but Pat, Jodie and Dave Shedd have all finished their races, and did a fantastic job - truly incredible! Can't wait to read their accounts in the coming days! It was so much fun following their progress on line.


Here are their result times:


Patryk Bigalski - 10:39:11

Jodie Ferneyhough - 11:24:28

David Shedd 13:37:23


Congratulations, guys! A truly awesome…


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Lance on Drugs?

This is some pretty funky logic, but the guy may have something... Rob Ford would probably agree...

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EOS Ride in Dundas - S'more pictures...

Added by Alexx Hooper on October 31, 2010 at 8:11pm — 4 Comments

Somewhat Sunny Fall Saturday

Some went to the zoo, some went to Musselman's... hope you all had a fun, safe ride!

The pictures are no big whoop - sorry! I'm no Dan or Peter Sutton... wish I could take photos while riding. Thanks for the Grinder Bum photos - James said that he got some good… Continue

Added by Alexx Hooper on October 23, 2010 at 3:27pm — 3 Comments

Oh, Rob Ford...

Well, for those of you who haven't heard it, here's how Rob Ford feels about bicycles:

And for those of you who are runners, his brilliant idea on today's news was that due to the traffic inconvenience that these darn marathons cause, he will take all marathons off city streets and move them into the city parks so that they don't disrupt traffic.

Can you imagine how… Continue

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Dark Thursday Night Hils

Who knew that 10 people would come out tonight! Paul and I got caught in a mini-downpour as we started riding over, went back home for 5 minutes, then headed over to Birchmount, thinking we'd be the only ones there... what was I thinking! Of course The Usuals were all there! It was gloomy and threatening and kinda windy, but the rain held off and we had a good ride. Did a speedy tour of Scarborough, and it was pitch black by the time we were heading home at only 8pm...… Continue

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Thursday Hills, Aug. 19

We Came, We Saw, We Did Repeats.

Uneventful but enjoyable. Thanks for the company, all!

There are a few photos - unfortunately, not great ones; the hill pics are kinda dark - still sorting out the new pocket… Continue

Added by Alexx Hooper on August 20, 2010 at 10:09am — 1 Comment

Humid Thurday Night Hills, Aug. 5 '10

Social Hill ride. Done - the usual, buncha Brimley repeats (everyone has a different interpretation of how many a "bunch" is), then a tour of Scarborough. Welcome to Marco's friend Paul - thanks for coming out! Here are some… Continue

Added by Alexx Hooper on August 6, 2010 at 9:21am — 2 Comments

Super Sunny Saturday - July 3rd

Howdy Everyone! Well, the weather couldn't have been better. Great turnout this morning! We had the Zoo Loop Group, and the Pickering Social Club Ride... Let us know how the Zoo Loop went, you guys. The Pickering ride was cool and breezy by the lake, and a pleasure, as always. Lovely scenery and fabulous company.

Good to see you back out again - Giselle, Keriann, Wanita, Damian and Norton. Hope you all had a good ride. Patryk, hope you feel better soon. And… Continue

Added by Alexx Hooper on July 3, 2010 at 2:18pm — 4 Comments

MTB Mondays - Better Late Than Never...

Another fine Monday night of mountain biking with the regulars... and Thi, who we hope is a regular after 2 weeks now!

The posse consisted of Jeff, Mel (who experienced work-guilt and had to go home and work half an hour into the ride :( ), Robert, Charlotte, Evan "Grizzly Adams" Glazier (who did his own bike repairs with a stick), Thi, Trish, and My own self.

We did many of the usual trails, and a couple of new ones. The braver folks did some riding over wooden bridges and… Continue

Added by Alexx Hooper on June 22, 2010 at 7:53pm — 5 Comments

What's with mean cyclists?

Trish and I went out today at 6am and did the Pickering route - gorgeous, and I don't think we saw another soul until we reached the end point at Frenchman's Bay - lots of critters and bunnies though. We had a wonderful ride.

On our way back, we came through the Guild, and passed a group of a dozen cyclists stopped at the plaza in the guild (Various jerseys, including one Dark Horse Flyers and one Jet Feul Jersey). We waved and called out "Good Morning"... we got one slightly raised… Continue

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Another Excellent MTB Monday

It was a small group tonight, but fun! Jeff led the parade, with Mel, Me and newcomers Liz and Thi.

We did some skills, including the first stab at bunny hopping (which it turned out that we needed - we forgot to cover the part about when you bunny hop the log and land in the mudpile on the other side though...). Liz and Thi kept up like pros, though and they didn't miss a beat! Great job, you guys! Hope you had a fabulous time, and we hope to see you again next week! Thi, maybe you… Continue

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Kitchener Waterloo Classic - A great day of racing!

Today was fun! And for the most part, a good safe race for all. Here's the condensed highlights:

Kerri tried her first O-Cup race and went out with the intention of trying to hang on at the back of the ladies' peloton... Kerri, 4th place is NOT hanging on. Just think: you could have had third place had you realized that the dingling bell meant that it was the last lap! I'll let you tell the story...

Emile snuck to the front, and then did the most… Continue

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Benefit for Christopher Uy

Hi everyone,

On Good Friday, a bunch of us attended the Good Friday road race. A lot of riders were injured in the crashes, including Patryk (that's how he broke his elbow), Jason and Alex B. The most serious crash involved a man named Christopher Uy. It was his first road race ever, and he crashed into a barrier on one of the first turns in the race. He had a serious head injury, and was kept in a medically-induced coma for several weeks while his brain healed. He is out of the coma,… Continue

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Good Friday Race Photos

Hi Everybody,

Here are a few more photos from the race. I took some movies, but the quality isn't great for viewing on the site. I'll save them in case they're good for the end-of-season video.… Continue

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BCC Rides

Cycling in the summer can be about casual riding, sprinting, spinning, big-ring hammerfests or what ever your chosen type of riding is. The BCC was founded for the sole purpose to network cyclists. It has grown into a successful club which accommodates Riders at almost all skill/fitness levels. Everyone should be able to participate and have fun at their respective levels.


Weekend Rides: 


Saturday Morning
Start time is 8:00am early season, 7:00am as days get longer. Route distances vary from 55-120km and several pace groups are available. Saturday morning rides focus on a social vibe.


Sunrise Sundays
Rides will start around sunrise. Rotating routes will focus on distances from 55-160km.  Remote start rides outside the GTA.

Weekly Rides:



Advanced Turbo Tuesdays
For this ride, advanced group riding and bike handling skills are required. You must also be aware of your limitations. Riding speed is 35kph+.


Hillicious Thursdays
Starts at 5:40am. This ride includes Bayview, pottery rd, redway other local hills.



Starts at 5:30AM. Bring your CX or MTB out for a great Don trail ride. Some weeks, we'll head to a local park to practice CX skills.

Informal Rides Click Here

Other Rides:

Race Team

BCC Race Team
Please join if you will be racing in 2018 as part of the BCC Race Team!

Track Cycling

BCC Track Cycling Group

A place where those interested in, or already addicted to, riding the boards can share info.

BCC Youth

BCC Youth Group

An initiative to have weekly skills sessions and rides for young riders.

Interested in finding a new route or refreshing your memory on an old faithful? Check out the Routes page.

BCC on Strava


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