BCC Represents at Blue Mountains Centurion 2013

The BCC was well-represented at the Blue Mountains Centurion this year! A fantastic time was had by all, and a lot of firsts and personal bests were won. From the outstanding finish of Paul M., to the first-time rides by Trish N. and Ivana, I think that people reached their goals and even surprised themselves!

Please post your stories, and share any photos that you may have taken. Results can be found here: http://www.sportstats.ca/searchResults.xhtml?eventname=Centurion+Cy...

There are so many great stories that I'm afraid I'll forget someone if I attempt to tell them all.

The C-50mile was well attended. Petra and Christina Meynell both finished second in their age categories! Deanna (4th in her category) and Sage, Nick and Terri, and Laura all fought the wind and had impressive finishes. Laura had to fight it out alone, I think - amazing. Also doing the C-50 were Chris Mount, Marco Martinez, Keld, Josh, I'm sure I'm forgetting someone...

I rode the C-50 with a great group - Myself, Mel, Lana, Ivana, Trish N., Rami, and Dan decided to accompany us! Fun! We decided to stay together for the ride and form a tight paceline. We rode together for the whole time, regrouping at the top of the long climbs. We rode so well that we picked up a lot of appreciative hangers-on. At one point I turned around and realized we had a train of at least 2 dozen people tucked in behind us. We had so many nice compliments from peole who thanked us for pulling them along, and there was great cameraderie along the way. We pushed ourselves and it was a tough ride, but we weren't in it to race this year, and we worked well as a group. Trish N. just started riding this year, and this was a big triumph for her! Ivana only started riding with the club this year, and she was always one of the first up the hills! Rami and Dan did a good share of the pulling, and, as usual, Dan did a fantastic job of keeping everyone together. We crossed the finish line in a tight pack lookin' pro and feeling great.

The C-100s were amazing! Paul M. was first in with an absolutely stunning 50th-place finish over all and an average of 37.6km/hr! Close behind him were Patryk Biegalski, the secretly-speedy Steve Jones and Ian Mountfort, Simon Kelley, Charles Robba, Jason Shuker, Joe Coreia, Jeff Norman, Rob Jones, Nils, Jon Spira, Paul van Dongen, Steven Boake, Dave Adams, Bob Knight,... who am I forgetting? And, another outstanding finish - Tatiana and Brooke, who rode together and totally kicked ass! I didn't expect to see them so soon - they were amazing! Tatiana only just rode her first 100km a few weeks ago, then she pulled off this very difficult 100-mile ride in the wind!

At the finish line, we heard that there had been an accident 1km before the 100-mile finish. It was Andre. Apparently someone wasn't paying attention and rode into him! Please let us know how you're doing, Andre - we're all so worried about you. We heard that you have some nasty cuts, but we don't know much else.

Congratulations to everyone on their achievements! Please share your stories!


Here are my pics:

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Comment by Joseph on September 17, 2013 at 8:48am

Congratulations to all BCC'ers. Thanks Alexx for sharing

Comment by DY on September 17, 2013 at 9:27am

Just talked to Andre and his wife, and he's pretty banged up. Turns out that a guy hit him from behind...in the aero position with his head down. Andre was pulling over on the right side of the road due to cramping. Initially it looked like simple surface cuts, but after closer examination he has multiple skull fractures, 3 broken ribs, collapsed lung with a machine attached to him. The doctors were debating if he needed to have skull surgery, but the fractures are small and there isn't anything that they can do. Andre is at Sunnybrook's Trauma unit building M unit 5C room 55... He will probably get discharged tomorrow. I am planning to be there probably for 1pm today to pay him a visit on behalf of the BCC. Please email me direct if you are planning to attend. Dan@beachescycling.com

Please post related comments directly to Andre's Profile.

Comment by DY on September 17, 2013 at 10:33am

Great Pics and account Alexx.  I posted my pics in the body of your post:-)



Comment by Mike McInnis on September 17, 2013 at 10:48am
Unbelievable - that idiot should be charged.
Get better Andre!
Comment by Jeff N on September 17, 2013 at 11:08am

Glad Andre is being looked after, thanks to the first responders for looking after him so quickly.  Up to that point Andre was having a great ride with and probably would have finished with a very good time around 5:50.


There are probably two ways to ride this event, to 'race it', that is go for a personal best and hope to find a good group to be with, or to group up with and work together.  This was my 4th time at this event and I have always started with the bunch then we have split to ride our best pace and hunt for the personal best.  It is fun to look for the speed changes, jump on a faster train, hide in the bunch as much as possible, make choices that are for your benefit.    On the other hand, being surrounded by friends, working together can make it a team event - maybe next year?

I had a good ride this year, apparently riding a bunch of long rides before this event helps!  Big change for me was figuring out how to eat and drink on the run.  Here was the plan - start with two water bottles filled with 1.5 scoops HEED, carry a few Lara bars, and a dozen small potatoes- boiled, salted and rolled in parmesan, and 4 of Alexx's fig-cashew-secret ingredient *** balls, 2 bananas.  Drink the bottles and eat bananas then pick up water at the feed zones.   I spaced the eating and drinking out a regular intervals, probably had 2heed, + 3 waters and ate everything except the Lara bars.

Previous years I have worked harder, finished slower, and had muscle cramps and stomach trouble, worst was last year after trying Gatorade. (apparently doesn't work for me).  This year, no muscle cramps, no stomach trouble and better energy level through most of the ride.



***(credits to Trish S for awesome recipe)

Comment by Jon Spira on September 17, 2013 at 12:49pm

That ride was certainly an experience and a half.  There's no question that it's a more difficult course than Rideau Lakes, even when you consider that RLCT is 177 km on back-to-back days.  I had put in a lot of miles this season so I felt prepared and set a goal of finishing between 5:30 and 5:45.  I thought I might have an outside shot at cracking 5:30.  In the end, a few things went right and few things didn't.  

I stayed alert through the neutral start, which was very fast and disorganized with bodies going everywhere, tons of screaming and even a couple of dropped bottles (who needs to take a drink 3 minutes into a ride).  It was exhilarating and terrifying at once.  I made it up Grey 19 quite comfortably and in good enough time to be in with a large quick group along with Jeff and Jason S.  We were rolling really well and I felt great.  I'm very glad that Jeff warned me about the descent we were approaching as I reached for a snack out of my jersey.  I promptly put away my Clif Bar and found a good line down the escarpment.  It was my first decent at over 81 km/h: good times.

I had never ridden through a feed zone before and found it bit tricky.  I got the bottle of water but the bananas bounced out of hand, over my head and possibly into the face of the rider behind me. I knew I had another bar with me, so I didn't worry about it and forged on.  We were rolling so well and our average speed had us tracking to beat 5:30.  Still all smiles.

At around the 80 km mark I had a tiny bit of trouble bridging back after the third climb.  That's where things gradually started going pear shaped.  I had Jeff in sight for the next 30 minutes but just couldn't get back.  I rode alone for a while, and then with Lucas for a bit, but then I had to slow with a small cramp in my right quad. (Now I'm having all kind of regrets about the bouncing bananas back at the Creemore feed zone).  At the 100km mark I had to stop by the side of the road to stretch for 3 minutes.  My legs felt much better after that, and I was optimistic because I was still tracking to beat 5:30.  I rode alone for a while and then got in with a great bunch from the Uxbridge Cycling Club for about 5km before the base of the KOM.  The last 15km alone in the wind had taken their toll, and part way up the KOM I knew I couldn't hold my previous pace, especially not alone in the wind.

In the end, my rolling time was 5:43 on the Garmin (just under the 5:45 goal) and 5:53 on the chip which accounted for my couple of stops.  I was happy to have made my original goal (if you take the Garmin time) but disappointed to have let the 5:30 target slip away when it was so achievable for more than half the ride.

To see the BCC crew from the C50 and the faster finishers in the C100 waiting at the finish line was a most welcome reward.

What would I change to prep for next year? 1) Do a few more really long rides.  I had put in many 130km rides this season but none longer; 2) Carry a little more food at the start because you never know what you'll drop while rolling through the feed zones; 3) Ride a few times in the local area to get more accustomed to the sustained climbing.  

Comment by DY on September 17, 2013 at 5:29pm

Andre Wasniewski commented on Alexx Hooper's blog post "BCC Represents at Blue Mountains Centurion 2013" on Beaches Cycling Club(BCC)

Paul and I went to see Andre at Sunnybrook today and then Joe C also came up to visit.  His post after our visit is included below... somehow I think it may have got deleted by accident.... But I had it in an email below:

"Thanks to everyone from bcc who helped me and Gosia and thank you all for your sympathy. Today Dan and Paul M visited me at stonybrook but I didn't even have time to talk to them between various test and procedures. I am on my way out of  here and I should consider myself lucky

Any harder and we wold not be talking now. Being hit while standing still by the a TT bike at 40k is pretty close to being hit by a car. This guy did not even touch the brakes. How do I know it? Because he was taken to the same emergency hospital and people were talking. Riding head down, with both hands on aero.

Life is moving fast here: I just talked to a trauma staff surgeon who told me that I will not need any surgery, even cosmetic one. Gosia told them that I am as pretty now as I was before the accident. I have to ask her what she meant exactly :(? 

Oops have to talk to another  doctor now. Take care and I will see you"

Comment by Bob Knight on September 17, 2013 at 6:48pm

Hope Andre is up and around soon.

My strategy was to manage the effort. I kept my eye on my heart rate throughout and except for the hills, I didn't let it get too high. As a result, I didn't have a fast ride but at least there wasn't a lot of suffering.

I ate peanut butter sandwiches. Not exactly Dr Allen Lim, but they worked.  Like Jeff, I stayed away from the Gatorade. I supplemented my water with an Endurolyte Fizz.

Not many riders at the rear, so I was on my own for the most part. Tried working with two other riders but just as we got together, there'd be another hill.  We'd separate, then cross paths several kms down the road.  

Comment by Mel on September 17, 2013 at 9:46pm

Congratulations to all that rode this year. 

It was a much more difficult ride then in the past, I think, due to the calibre of riders and number of riders in general and of course the wind.  I found it was a little sketchier then in the past couple of years and you had to be aware all the time. 

That said, I also found it a lot of fun.  As Alexx mentioned (thanks Alexx for that great account), we stayed as a group and it was fun to do the entire distance as a club ride.  The support was amazing and it was fun to see people achieve goals they set for themselves and the smiles that came along with them.

For me, riding with my daughter Trish and seeing her accomplish a very long, physically challenging ride with a smile was fantastic.  Her descents were fearless, but well in control....I guess ski racing had something to do with that! 

So sorry to hear about your accident, Andre, but very happy to hear that you are on your way to mending.  Hope to see you on the road soon. 


Comment by Jim Weir on September 17, 2013 at 10:19pm

Get well soon Andre

Congrats to all who participated


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