BCC Women's Rapha 100 - a fantastic success!!!

Despite the rain, I think that this was one of my favourite rides ever! I read about the Rapha Women's 100 ride on the Rapha website and thought that this would be the perfect event to get a bunch of BCC ladies out to ride together on our own. Of course, when I woke up and it was raining, I figured it would only be a couple of us (who had made a blood pact to show up rain or shine) slogging it out in the rain, whining the whole way,... boy, was I surprised when 10 women showed up, as promised, ready to ride at 7am!


David R-M met us at the coffee shop - he said he was going to ride later, but figured that we needed an official photographer to see us off! Thanks David! Paul had made us bar-tape directions to guide us, so we taped on our directions and set out on our ride - Mel, Trish, Lana, Kerri, Maureen, Ivana, Lynndee, Andrea, myself, and Heather - who used to ride with the club, but lives to far away (her dad drove her to the start so she could ride with us! Yay!).


We did a fantastic Goodwood route. We took turns pulling at the front, and stayed together beautifully! We kept the pace reasonable so that everyone was comfortable and able to sustain the pace for the whole 120km ride. We did a "social rotation" every now and then so that everyone would get a chance to chat and get caught up. It was fun to ride with old friends and new ones - I'd never met Andrea before the ride! The route was gorgeous - nice rolling hills, farms, forests... we saw very few cars on the backroads, and only had 2 or 3 experiences with douchebags in pickup trucks skidding by us to "teach us a lesson". The little Musselman's Lake detour was gorgeous - we stopped for photos, and continued on, Trish singing bad Karaoke with lots of laughs.


The break at Anina's bakery was well-deserved and well-timed, as it started raining hard after we stopped. There were a few other cyclists at the bakery, including Albert and a friend!


We let the rain ease up a bit then continued on our way. Heading down 3rd Con., Maureen got a flat. We were SO excited! We were going to get to prove that we could change a flat by ourselves!!! We had the thing off, checked, changed and re-inflated in no time! We even figured out how to get the back wheel on. Excellent! High fives all-round. We were laughing because we didn't think this would be such an exciting event on a guys'-ride. Right behind us in the field was an ass (OK, a donkey). Lana made friends with it. There are a few pictures of Lana and her hairy ass - check them out! There was also the cutest cow ever and a pony. We didn't think that the guys'-ride would feature a "stop-to-look-at-the-cute-animals" break either.

We got back on the road and began riding again. By this time, it was pouring rain. We soldiered on, not one person complaining. It poured for about half an hour. We slowed our pace, kept riding and rode through it. The wind picked up after that, and it pretty much blew us all dry! We took turns pulling into the wind, and made it back to the bottom of Bellamy, when I rode over a bad sewer grate and *BANG* - broke a spoke. We tried taping it to the spoke next to it, but my wheel was so out of true that it was un-rideable. So sad! Lana called Dan and he came over on his scooter. Mel had also called Jeff, so he arrived with his own back wheel! We switched out the wheels and I was able to ride home with everyone and get my 130km! Yay!


Thanks so much for coming out - It was way more fun than I could've imagined!

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Comment by DY on July 8, 2013 at 12:15pm
Great you all had an amazing time... Guess it will be awhile till we see you ladies again, seeing as you had so much fun together:-)
Comment by Kerri on July 8, 2013 at 1:35pm

I second that emotion, Trish. :)  Alexx, to think that this ride wouldn't have happened if you hadn't organized it, AND if you hadn't had us do that pinky swear to show up even in the rain - can't thank you enough!  Think we really did ourselves, and the BCC proud, ladies.  Felt great as we rolled along knowing that we were able to handle anything that came up, AND have fun while we were at it.  For many of us, this was our longest ride so far this season, and for some longest ride EVER, yet another milestone to be proud of.  LOVED riding past the group from Morning Glory, only to hear them say "those were all WOMEN!"  Sweet! 

Even just looking at the pictures brought a goofy smile to my face today.  It will go down as one of the most fun rides I've been on, for sure, and am glad that we had the chance to go for it.  Thanks to everyone on the ride and to everyone that we've been riding with over the years.  As Trish said, without the support and encouragement from the BCC, we'd never be where we are today! :)


Comment by DY on July 8, 2013 at 2:02pm

Just in case you didn't see how well these girls ride together in a group....


Comment by Jeff N on July 8, 2013 at 3:10pm

Not only did you gals crush the 100km goal, all the smiles show that it was a great time.  Melani was grinning from ear to ear when she got home!  Congratulations!   

Comment by Mel on July 8, 2013 at 3:33pm

Grinning is probably understating it!  I was beaming! I got home after one of the most fun rides I have ever had and felt I could keep on going.  The pace was fantastic, the weather, while rainy, was a perfect temperature and the extra challenge of the downpours just proved that we don't have to be scared of the rain.  I definitely won't be using that excuse again. 

Thanks Alexx for organizing and everybody else for the company.  I think BCCC is here to stay!

Comment by David Raponi-Monk on July 8, 2013 at 7:00pm

This ride looks like another epic one for the BCC books. It was nice to take in the energy and excitement at the start, despite the threat of rain and thunderstorms. When Alexx brought out the laminated directions to place on their bars, I knew they were serious. Talk about "looking pro"!

Congrats to all 10 of the ladies who rode, and look forward to hearing more about the journey.

Comment by Ivana on July 8, 2013 at 7:06pm
This ride was really special. I remember looking at the Rapha website some weeks ago and thinking how awesome the Women 100 event looked like, but it never occurred to me that I would actually live to experience it. It’s so many things that made it as memorable as it was – the beautiful scenery and the meticulously mapped and printed out route, the great pace, the fact that we were so perfectly synchronized and kept the group tight the entire ride, the yummy treats at the bakery, the Karaoke singing at the back of the pack, my first ever real-life witnessing of fixing a flat and the cheering that followed it, stopping to make friends with the donkey, everyone sticking around and having fun while waiting for the spare tire to arrive, the weather which actually turned out much better than anticipated, spared us from the rain for most of the ride and even brought us sunshine (and a bit of a tan) at the end... The list goes on and on, but I think above all, it was the chemistry of the group, the sense of camaraderie and being in this all together for a common cause that turned this into a ride to remember.

Kudos to Alexx for taking on the Rapha initiative and for making all this happen, and to the club for being so supportive of women riders. When asking around for cycling clubs earlier this year, never having been part of one before, the best advice I got is to find a club that had women among its members. I couldn't have landed in a better place.

I do hope that we will make this a tradition... and even better – hoping to be part of ladies only rides on a more regular basis! I am sure the guys won’t mind (after all they survived the earlier years when the club was almost exclusively men).

Have a great week everyone!
Comment by Joseph on July 9, 2013 at 11:46am

Congratulations ladies, well done!

Comment by Lynndee Cuthbertson on July 9, 2013 at 12:56pm
It was just so fun we have to do it again.
Comment by Lana Luba on July 9, 2013 at 3:20pm
Thank you Alex for organizing this. It was one of the most memorable rides! Trish put it best..."it was like a slumber party on wheels!" Thank you all you coming out & making BCCC history:)!
I hope we can do this again real soon.


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