This morning, our group had a close call with a pickup, and unless the guy was sleeping or drunk, it looked like the worst mean spririted piece of driving I've ever seen.
The peleton was coming down Kennedy I think, at about 30k, when a black pickup made a left turn from a side road to our right, and came right at us. He was squarely straddling the yellow line towards us when he straightened out at the last second and went in his own lane. I hadn't played chicken with anything since I was a teenager driving my dad's Chevrolet in icy parking lots. Today was crazy scary. I hope this guy doesn't cross our way again. In any case, I came across a nice little song in France that seems very appropriate as a dedication to our ruthless pickup driver. Here's to you smart guy!

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Comment by DY on August 9, 2009 at 7:15pm
Comment by Steve Wolowich on August 10, 2009 at 10:53am
I am not the most seasoned rider but I have been riding for a few years now and this kinds shit seems to be happening more and more. I may be wrong and perhaps it is no worse, but this year Andrew almost got clipped by some a-hole who deliberately took a close line as he leaned on the horn going past at a high rate of speed. I was on the inside of him. It was on country bumpkin road with no on-coming traffic and lots of room for a safe easy pass around us. Dan has chased and caught two drivers (some of those idiots have no clue how fast our DY can go on a bike). This weekend Kerri and I were making our way down McCowan Road. A small group of us had been out trying to log some T4K's mileage and we all had to split a different points. We were way the hell up north trying to get over some big rollers and the only people on the road. Some a-hole goes sreaming past us while on the horn as we were climbing up one hill. Lots of room to pass. No one else around. WTF. I have mentioned to Dan that we as a large group now may wish to use our collective muscle and try and combat this shit because as Dave says it might save the life of one other. This should be topic for conversation in the future. Perhaps nothing can be done. Or perhaps through some creative awareness we can find some better options than simply hoping for the best.
Comment by Dave Ogilvie on August 11, 2009 at 4:04pm
That was a crazy, crazy incident- one of the scariest things I've ever witnessed on a bike. I'm just thankful everyone was paying close attention and took quick, evasive action (even so, that a-hole nearly took out 3-4 of our BCC crew). I agree with all above regarding being pro-active but not putting ourselves in harms way. The best course of action may be to build in a response strategy asap into our guidelines. Collectively, if we are paying attention when these things happen, we may be able to get a partial plate and we can definitely describe vehicle, make and course to the OPP almost immediately. Even if they are unable to catch the drivers- we won't feel as helpless. I keep thinking back to it and feel like all above that we should do something collectively. As Dave mentioned, these are potentially life and death issues. I think a protocol or, at the very least, extensive discussion to spread the word on what to do will go a long way. DaveO.
Comment by Kerri on August 11, 2009 at 4:51pm
I'm still somewhat in shock to hear about this, but have been noticing more agressive behaviours while out there lately, too. I agree with what is being proposed - if we have a framework in place ahead of time, then we will know what to do if something like this were to happen again. Am very glad that no one was hurt, and with this new awareness in mind, we can be defensive in our own way, should the need arise.
Comment by Joseph on August 12, 2009 at 9:46pm
That is crazy, glad to hear that everyone is ok. I guess as we ride we have to be a bit more vigilant on what is around us. These days, there are a lot of yahoos out there and even the pros are not immune to it, this past TDF 2009 in one of the stages in Vittel. see article below:
Comment by Christian Dognon on August 12, 2009 at 10:03pm
Glad to see the reaction is so strong.
I know in those situations of stress, I tend to freeze up, so I wrote down what I think should be the proper sequence of actions.
This could be a preliminary plan of action, but please comment and make suggestions... we should probably discuss this further.

1) Warn others and take evasive action.
2) Try to absorb as much info as possible (vehicle type, colour, plates, driver)
3) Safely bring the group to a stop.
4) Assess if there is anyone hurt. If necessary call 911.
5) Share what you saw and write it down.
6) One person calls 911 to report the events.
7) Swear abundantly and get back on the road.


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