Last year we had a great day, cool start, lots of sunshine, a few hills, lots of feed stations, tons of people riding the same direction and it was awesome.  This year, ditto! (see the blog post from last year)

Especially congratulations to Lana, Alexx and Melani, who overcame nerves and doubts to complete the C50 in style.  First time doing and event of this type, with a few hills, flats, fast descents, you ladies conquered 50 miles.  We were sure you guys would have a great time, and when I saw your smiles and heard your cheers at the finish line I as I finished the 100, I knew it! 

I had a mix of elation, sufferring, cramped leg on the KOM hill, recovery, being passed, passing and flying along with a big tail wind trying to keep ahead of Ian, oh ya, and the joy of finishing, I'll be back! 

BCCers:  great job everybody, sorry if I missed anyone

100's: Andre, Billy X, Bob K, Brian, DY, Dave A, Dave S, Charles, Ian, me, Kerri, Paul, Peter C, Nick, Steve J, Steve W, Tim C, Tim W, Joe C, Chris M, Stephen J.

50's: Alexx, Christina, Lana, Melani, Nick,Terri, Leslie H., Colleen P., Jessica C.

New for this year the "hill climb".  Up our finishing descent, Scenic Caves Rd, a 2.5 Km, average 10% with grades to 15%

Another one for the books and to keep the calendar open for next year.


feel free to add photos if you have some.




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Comment by Alexx Hooper on September 20, 2011 at 6:09am
Comment by Alexx Hooper on September 20, 2011 at 6:27am

We did it!!! Were it not for Lana and Mel, I would have crawled into a corner and hoped that no one found me so I didn't have to do the ride - I had totally freaked myself out! Standing under the stars at 6:15am in a race lineup, with Lana and Mel also looking like they were going to throw up too, we were wondering what the hell we were doing there. Jeff, Dan and Paul were at the barriers encouraging us, and telling us to move up to the front of the serious riders. I hadn't slept much in a few days.


We finally started rolling, and all the nerves melted away! We had a great time! Imagine! Mel, Lana and I rode together the whole time, just like a BCC club ride. We realized how good our riding skills were as we chugged away up and down all the long climbs at our steady pace. The route was absolutely beautiful! We'd descend into a valley where the temperature was 4 degrees, then climb to the top of a mountain with a gorgeous view and a temperature of 12 degrees! We stopped for pictures a few times. I was so touched that people took time out of their day to sit by the side of the road and cheer for us!


Near the end of the route, Jeff had warned us about the "5 Evil Sisters" - a series of 5 rollers, 3 of which were absolutely brutal! While others walked their bikes up and did "paperboy" across the road, we just powered right up them all together. It was hard, but great!


When we got to the finish line, we lined up three abreast and crossed together! Andre's wife Gosia was there to meet us and cheer us on. What a great feeling! We did it! 4 hours 16 minutes! (at least 20 minutes of that was stops)


We didn't see Terri and Nick at the end, but Christina did the same ride in 2:50! Ho-lee!!!


The 100-milers were amazing - I can't imagine doing another 100k on top of our 80. Amazing ride, all! I think we missed Joe Correia in the list above - probably because he was SO fast!!! Thanks Mel and Lana for sticking with me for a great riding experience - we sure made a super team!

Comment by DRU on September 20, 2011 at 8:47am
Wow, looks like a great time! What a challenge, overcome! Sorry to have missed it!
Comment by DY on September 20, 2011 at 8:48am

What an amazing event!  Being off the bike for two weeks because of reasons out of my control probably didn't help my cause, but being around my friends and hanging out in the village Saturday afternoon/night made it all worth while.  Lana and I will definitely be participating in a centurion ride next year.  I think it's in Niagara for 2012.


My ride was great at the start as I managed to keep with the "fast" group for about 50kms.  Looked at my avg speed and it was 34kph -  including the first climb.  This was too good to be true as I had another 120kms to go and I started to try and pace myself.  Basically, I went out too hard at the beginning paid the price the rest of the ride.  The hills just seemed to get harder and harder as the ride went on.  Without getting a chance to recon the route, I played my hand the best I could and tried to latch on to groups as they passed by and even had the help of the Gears support car(if you know what I mean).  Thanks Aaron!  Ended up finishing with an avg of 28kph.  It was a hard ride.  Glad I did it.


Maybe we can do this as a club ride next year.... It would be really awesome to have the members that missed this have a chance to ride it with the group.




Comment by Kerri on September 20, 2011 at 11:56am
Most of what has been said already really sums it up.  Top notch event, well organized, tons of amazing volunteers and spectators who were out to cheer us on along the entire route.  Despite the colder temperature at the start, we had the promise of sun and no rain, so a few extra layers and we were good.  Was fun to line up and get ready to tackle this event, especially after all of the great reviews from last year.  It did not disappoint.  Unfortunately I made the rookie mistake of going out too hard on the first hill, yeah, heartrate up in the low 180s is going to leave a the point where I actually got off the bike convinced that I had a flat which must have been causing me to not be able to make the bike move...nope, it was just me.  So after a little pep talk with myself, I got it together and as the distance passed,  I started to feel better...just in time for the second big climb.  That was much better and gladly things came together again.  Was great for Steve and I to meet up with some other BCCers at the first break and be able to ride together as a group.  The KOM hill did not disppoint, and we'd heard rumours about the climbs that came afterwards.  Ouch!  I have to say that whatever pain came from the climbs along the way, it was all wiped out by the glorious descent into Blue Mountain - nothing beats coming down Scenic Caves.  I did have a moment of panic, though, as we'd been told that part of our descent down would be followed by climbing again...then I saw a lone cyclist on his way UP Scenic Caves and thought "OMG they want us to go down, loop around and climb back up again?!?!?"  Luckily no...that was just some crazy guy on his bike.  PHEW!  Hearing our names announced as we crossed the finish and the cheers from Lana, Mel and Alexx really did make for an epic finish to what I think was probably the toughest, but most rewarding ride of the season.  Congrats to all who rode the Centurion - we all rock!
Comment by Jeff N on September 20, 2011 at 12:47pm

Love Dan's idea of doing a club ride in this area.   Maybe 2nd weekend of August?  Many will have good fitness by then and it could work into a great long ride for those doing Tour for Kids.

There are a few nice spots to stop - Creemore, Eugenia Falls, Kimberly, Thornbury bakery, Ravenna and of course there are a number of patios at the "village" at BlueMountain.   Here is a map of the 'long route'

Comment by Steve Wolowich on September 20, 2011 at 12:57pm

This was a race. However we did not attempt to ride it like a race. We rode hard on a very difficult course but we kept the whole thing very casual. Was good. Highly recommend this event but train hard first as it really was a tuff track. I heard reference to "rollers" a few times and yet I did not see one damn "roller". Ran into LOTS of big bad ass long hill climbs that kept on coming one after another at times. On the other side of each long climb were some long decents that allowed one to easily reach 70KLMs plus with a simple tuck and to stay at that speed for a long time! Think most riders kept it cautious and some that did not paid the price in overcooked corners. So glad that everyone completed and remained safe. A great event with great success by all as we slowly approach the end to another great season. Cheers!

Comment by Bob Knight on September 20, 2011 at 6:27pm

That was an outstanding event.  Well organized.  Great route.  Fantastic volunteers.


I was riding on my own or with other small groups until I met up with some BCC riders at a feed station around 100 kms.  It was thrilling to ride in a pace line from that point.


For me, the 5 kms before the left turn at Ravenna were the most difficult.


Thanks to Alexx for taking the photo of me crossing the finish.  I was sprinting as hard as a I could to stay with Tim and cross in style!!


I'd love to do that as a group ride.  Looking forward to Niagara!



Comment by Dave Adams on September 20, 2011 at 10:16pm
Thanks to all (Jeff, Dan, Lana, Paul, Dave S. Mel etc.) who stuck around to see the last of the BCC group cross the line in around 7hrs 30mins (that'd be me).  Was somewhat familiar with the area having driven alot around there in years gone by but driving hills is a hell of a lot different than riding them.   I wasn't in the kind of shape I wanted to be in to do this (no excuses) so the goal was really to finish, and ideally before they turned the lights out on me.  I met that objective but my thighs were begging for mercy at the end.   Couldn't have asked for a better day with a great route - despite the hills.  There was a plaque on the wall where I was staying Saturday night  that read "Life by the yard is hard - life by the inch is a cinch" .  There was never a better motivator when i had no gears left to shift into grinding away at 5km/hr inching up the seemingly never ending hills!  Saw the results from the race and really impressed and motivated by the times posted by all of the other BCC'ers.  Jeff - kudos to you for your report last year that inspired me and I think many others to participate this year.   I don't really feel like doing it again right now but come next year I'll be amped up for it and hopefully in a bit better condition to meet the challenge.  Promised jerseys will be available to all who responded at year end party.   Great event.
Comment by Joseph on September 21, 2011 at 11:35am
Congratulations everyone... well done to represent the club.Cheers!!!


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